• By Julian Sprung A comprehensive reference for aquarists, divers and naturalists, with more than 650 full color photographs identifying more than 500 species of marine invertebrates.This book is the essential guide for all aquarists who want to make the right choices when stocking an aquarium with invertebrates or purchasing invertebrates for a reef aquarium. 240 pages, hardcover.
  • A comprehensive guide to the identification and captive husbandry of all of the known species in the family Pomacanthidae. This book discusses the biology of angelfish life histories, biogeography, taxonomy, their captive care and feeding, key features used for distinguishing the sexes, and captive breeding and rearing methods. 168 pages, hardcover.
  • After witnessing firsthand the changes in the Florida reef ecosystem that followed the near extinction of the longspine sea urchin Diadema antillarum in the early 1980s, Martin A. Moe, Jr. saw a need to develop the techniques required to breed and mass culture this critically important species.

  • The second installment of the Coral Reef Aquarium, “Success Made Easy” is a celebration of reef aquarium knowledge & culture, shining a light on creative displays from around the world, and presented with Tony’s overbrimming enthusiasm, knowledge, and charm. 336 Pages, hardcover. Purchase now pre-publication. This book will ship in January 2023.
  • By Julian Sprung
    This book identifies algae that commonly bloom in aquariums, with photographs and descriptions of their life history. Specific recommendations offer ways to control the algae through aquarium husbandry practices and the use of herbivores. If your expensive aquarium has an out-of-control algae bloom that is driving you crazy, don’t give up! Buy this book and follow Julian’s advice. 80 pages, softcover.
  • The biology, identification, and aquarium husbandry of tridacnid clams
    By James Fatherree
    This superb book provides comprehensive coverage of the biology and aquarium care of the unique and intriguing tridacnid clams, with over 300 color photographs and illustrations. It is a must-have guide for any reef aquarium hobbyist. 227 pages, hardcover.
  • Banggai Cardinalfish

    A Guide to Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History
    By Ret Talbot, Martin A. Moe, Jr., Matt Pedersen, Matthew L. Wittenrich, Ph.D., Roy Yanong, V.M.D. and Tom Waltzek, D.V.M. Foreword by Dr. Gerald R. Allen The official publication of the Banggai Rescue Project, this definitive guide beautifully illustrates the natural history of a unique species that captivates underwater naturalists, aquarists and divers. Explore its native range and meet the indigenous fishing families and Indonesian biologists struggling to protect it. Learn the secrets of raising Banggai Cardinalfish to supply your local market. 304 pages. Cover Edition Hard Cover, Soft Cover
  • In May 2007, the Burger’s Zoo hosted the Coral Husbandry conference which brought together professional aquarists to share their experiences on many different aspects of keeping corals in small, and public display sized aquariums. Presented topics included water chemistry, coral taxonomy, captive breeding, and pests and parasites of corals in captivity. All of these presentations from the Coral Husbandry conference now make up the individual chapters of the Advances in Coral Husbandry in Public Aquariums book.


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